Marketing & Comms

Maureen Azria

✨ Meet our Core Team Member, Maureen Azria in charge of Communication, amongst others ✨

🇨🇭🌎 Maureen is Swiss at her core, but citizen of the world. She grew up abroad and her longstanding international career make her passionate about people and the different cultures that enrich our planet.

⚡️👩🏼‍💻 Throughout her professional life, and as a working mother of 3, she’s managed to thrive in a man’s world, and has actively supported various social initiatives around the globe. She sees the importance of having a global vision, but with a strong local impact.

🧐📌 She fosters a culture of diversified thinking to challenge the status quo, and strongly believes that the empowerment of women by men and women alike, is the key to a future reigned not by men, not by women, but by true leaders, irrespective of their gender.

🙌 💪 Ambitious for the cause, she’s very happy to contribute to WomeninTech Switzerland, together with a group of inspirational women, an exciting mission that makes sense for her.


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