Katja Borella

⚡ Meet our Core Team Member, Katja Oswald ⚡In charge of Finance & Ally Program, amongst others.

Katja has spent her career in the Chemical industry, providing over the last years operational and large-project leadership support at R&D Director level.

Prior to that, she spent many years as project and innovation leader, aligning business, market and technology requirements and delivering technical solutions to various industries including Automotive and Footwear.


With a background in Chemistry, Marketing and Process Engineering, she enjoys working on the interfaces of large organizations and bringing structure into complex projects.

Katja joined Women in Tech, as she believes digitalization in any natural science represents a very substantial opportunity, not only for efficiency and productivity, but also to reach new levels of innovation.


While she met fantastic male and female colleagues, mentors and allies along her career journey, she has also seen the gender imbalance that still is part of many sectors in STEM.  Katja strongly believes we can only move forward in the challenges of our times if we stop neglecting larger parts of the population, and develop a new healthy culture for all male and female alike.


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