Admin & Operations

Emilie Brandt

✨ Meet our Core Team Member, Emilie Brandt, in charge of Operations, amongst others.✨

🇫🇷🇨🇭 Emilie is a passionate networker. She was born in France, came to Switzerland for her studies and never went back. With a background in logistics & sales, she has a strong knowledge of the Swiss economy and its markets. 

🌎 In 2017 she decided to quit her job and travel around the world with her husband and 2 children for a year. Now she is working actively as a network developer and community manager for the French-Swiss Chamber of commerce in Basel. 

🏠 During her professional life she faced how difficult it is for a woman to pursue her career and be a mother at the same time, especially in Switzerland. When she was asked to join WIT Switzerland, she did not hesitate and jumped on board immediately, as female empowerment is so important in her eyes, especially in STEM. Her French and Swiss nationalities provide open-mindedness, energy, and a little bit of organization to this wonderful team.




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