Valeria Sens

Name: Valeria Sens

Residence: Dublin

Field of Work: Incentive Sales Compensation

Valeria Sens, a dedicated professional born in Moscow, has made her mark in the world of technology, specifically in Incentive Sales Compensation. Currently residing in Dublin, Valeria plays a pivotal role in lead sales comp plan design cycles, enabling sales teams with effective compensation strategies, and collaborating with sales leadership to assess existing designs and policies.

take that first step because action is the key to success.


From an early age, Valeria knew she wanted to forge a path as a woman in technology. Stepping out of her comfort zone, she actively sought opportunities to expand her network and knowledge. Valeria actively participated in compensation events and roundtables, devouring recommended books to enhance her expertise in the field. 

Her inspiration came from her in-law, who transformed her career from teaching to becoming a renowned freelance recruiter, aiding in the hiring of numerous Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in the Swiss banking industry.


Contributing to the world of tech, Valeria designs efficient incentive plans that motivate sales representatives to excel and enable companies to maximize profitability.

Throughout her journey, Valeria encountered personal challenges, often questioning herself with concerns like ‘What if I say something silly?’ or ‘What if I fail to deliver?’ Overcoming these self-imposed obstacles proved to be instrumental in her growth. Valeria’s advice to young women pursuing careers in STEM is to take that first step, emphasizing that action is the key to success.


Outside of her work, Valeria finds joy in hiking and traveling with her children, appreciating the wonders of nature, and creating lasting memories. She stays connected with the Women in Tech Switzerland community on LinkedIn, valuing the opportunity to learn from and support fellow women in the industry.


Valeria Sens, through her dedication and commitment, is making a significant impact in the realm of technology and sales compensation. Her expertise and passion shine through in her work, and she remains grateful for the collective effort in empowering women in tech. Together, Valeria believes that by learning from each other’s experiences and acknowledging shared challenges, women can create a brighter future for all.

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