Priska Herzog

Name: Priska Herzog

Residence: Zug, Switzerland

Occupation: Lecturer and Researcher

Priska Herzog, a dedicated Lecturer, and Researcher, was born in Fribourg FR, Switzerland, and currently resides in Zug, Switzerland. Her professional journey unfolds in Horw, Switzerland, where she combines her passion for mechanical engineering, materials engineering, and product development to find solutions for a sustainable future. Priska’s focus lies in developing products that have a longer lifespan, lower environmental impact, and can be reused or recycled.

Though she didn’t envision herself as a woman in tech initially, Priska’s educational journey led her to take subjects that fueled her passion for innovation and environmental consciousness. Inspired by Marie Curie, a renowned lecturer at her University, Priska is determined to contribute to the world of tech by fostering innovation and environmental awareness among her students. She strives to enable them to think creatively, push boundaries, and develop solutions that align with sustainability principles.

embrace your uniqueness, search for your own path, and fearlessly pursue your aspirations


Throughout her career, Priska has encountered challenges stemming from societal stereotypes and misconceptions. Some people in her surroundings fail to understand why a woman would choose a field like mechanical engineering, and employers sometimes express concerns that reduced hours may impact motivation. However, Priska remains resilient and determined to break these barriers, proving that women can excel in STEM fields.


Priska’s advice to young women in STEM is to embrace their uniqueness, search for their own path, and fearlessly pursue their aspirations. She encourages them to be confident in their abilities, challenge traditional norms, and forge ahead, making their mark in the world of technology.


When she’s not immersed in her professional endeavors, Priska finds solace and excitement in wingfoiling and snowboarding, engaging with the natural world around her. She actively follows Women in Tech Switzerland on LinkedIn, staying connected with like-minded individuals and amplifying the voices of women in the industry.


Through her dedication to innovation, sustainability, and empowering the next generation of tech leaders, Priska Herzog is making a significant impact. Her commitment to environmental consciousness and her drive to overcome challenges inspire others to push boundaries and create a better, more sustainable future in the world of technology.

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