Isaline Muelhauser, a tech enthusiast known for her deep passion and commitment to the world of technology was born in the charming city of Lausanne, Switzerland, and has chosen to make this stunning locale her current residence. With a profound appreciation for the breathtaking Lake, especially during the summer, and the easy access to the Lavaux Vineyards and majestic mountains, she thrives in the natural beauty of her surroundings.

Professionally, Isaline is a SEO Consultant at Pilea, a company that specializes in content marketing for multilingual websites and localizing content for the French-speaking Swiss market, Romandie. Her clients include both international companies with multilingual websites and national companies headquartered in the Swiss-German part.

As an SEO Consultant Isaline’s role is both dynamic and multifaceted. She is the mastermind behind creating sustainable, efficient, and budget-wise content strategies for multilingual websites, focusing on driving results that contribute to the development of companies and projects. Her tasks range from website audits, SEO roadmaps, and KPI tracking to optimizing and localizing content in French. This diversity in her work makes her an invaluable asset in the tech industry.

Go for it and be intentional. When you’re feeling impatient, remember that each step forward is a win

Isaline’s journey into the tech world was unexpected. With a Bachelor’s degree in literature and linguistics and a Master’s in communication, SEO was not an obvious career path. However, she discovered this fascinating, which she believes offers opportunities for individuals with varied talents, whether tech-savvy, literary, or outgoing. Recognizing the abundance of self-taught resources available for free, Isaline was motivated to enter the industry and make it more visible in Switzerland.

To support aspiring professionals, Isaline co-founded and runs SEOnerdSwitzerland, a SEO community in Switzerland, which organizes events across the country in three languages. She actively contributes to the Women in Tech community, co-hosting the Women in Tech SEO Podcast and amplifying the voices of brilliant women in the field. Her podcast ‘WorkinSEOPodcast’ and the recently launched ‘Indépendance Day Podcast’ (in French) serve as invaluable resources for those looking to advance in their careers or start their solo businesses.

Isaline’s dedication has not gone unnoticed, as she was awarded the Hidden Figure Award in the Empowered Woman category in September 2023, recognizing her outstanding achievements in the industry.

Her advice to young women in STEM is straightforward: ‘Go for it and be intentional. When you’re feeling impatient, remember that each step forward is a win’.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Isaline finds immense joy in creating content that helps others, particularly through her podcasts. Off the keyboard, you’ll find her training for her next triathlon, as endurance sports hold a special place in her heart.

Isaline actively follows WIT Switzerland on LinkedIn and extends her heartfelt gratitude to Women in Tech for their invaluable work, highlighting the importance of role models in inspiring the next generation. With her passion and unwavering dedication, Isaline Muelhauser continues to empower women in tech and make strides in the dynamic field of SEO.

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