Emilie Brandt, originally from Thionville, France, now resides in Basel, Switzerland. She is a passionate advocate for technology, public relations, and economic progress. Emilie’s career spans various roles, including digital communication, community management, team leadership, budget management, negotiation, and event coordination. Her diverse skills showcase her multifaceted approach to making a significant impact in her field.

Emilie’s trajectory to this vibrant career was not linear. She evolved from a logistics background, honing her strong organizational skills, to becoming director at the Chamber of Commerce. This pivotal role allowed her to build her network and acquire essential management and public relations skills. Subsequently, she became a board member, further enhancing her governance skills, positioning herself to have a significant voice at the corporate table and molding the corporate world she aspires to see.

Role models have played a pivotal role in Emilie’s journey. Throughout her career, she has drawn inspiration from the fantastic but often anonymous women who have surrounded her that have impacted her profoundly.

Emilie’s mission in the world of technology extends beyond her professional achievements. She strives to raise awareness about bias, challenge existing work paradigms, and empower every woman she encounters to soar to new heights.

Never give up the fight for your values

Her journey has not been without its challenges. Emilie has faced sexist comments in her professional life and has grappled with the pressure to step away from her career when she became a mother. However, these obstacles have only fueled her determination to forge a more inclusive and equal path for herself and future generations.

To young women aspiring to make their mark in STEM, Emilie offers sage advice: ‘Believe in yourself and learn to become your best friend. Speak to yourself in a friendly way and be kind to yourself. Build a strong network and treat others as you would like to be treated. Small efforts can lead to significant achievements, so work diligently every day to pursue your dreams, even if it’s one small step at a time. Persevere, even when the journey gets tough’.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Emilie finds joy in playing music, where she masterfully handles the Basler Piccolo, and indulges in writing, traveling (including a remarkable year-long journey around the world with her family in 2017), yoga, and pilates. Her dedication to her passions reflects her vibrant and multifaceted personality.

Emilie, a professional and staunch advocate for change, follows Women in Tech Switzerland on LinkedIn, an organization committed to advancing gender diversity in the tech industry. Her parting words are a resounding call to action for all: ‘Never give up the fight for your values’.

She is a testament to the power of perseverance, passion, and a resolute commitment to shaping a more inclusive future for all women in tech.

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