NAME: Anne Chevrier


FIELD OF  WORK: Scientific Software for Virtual Twins

Anne Chevrier, a dynamic force in the world of technology, was born in the city of Potsdam, Germany. Anne calls Ogens home and serves as a key player in Scientific Software for Virtual Twins.

As a professional, Anne’s role is multifaceted, encompassing the orchestration of events, and conferences, and leveraging the power of social media and networks to elevate awareness about groundbreaking solutions. Anne’s work is not just about promoting innovation; it’s about creating pipelines that drive recognition and adoption, showcasing the potential of Scientific Software for Virtual Twins.

Interestingly, Anne did not initially envision herself as a Woman in Tech. However, fueled by a passion for overcoming challenges, she found her stride in keynotes and roundtables—forcing herself to ramp up her skills and expertise. She goes beyond her marketing role, actively engaging in transversal projects, championing ambassadorship, and constructing business cases. For Anne, challenges aren’t impediments but avenues for progress, visibility, and network expansion.

Drawing inspiration from her ever-smiling grandmother—a resilient fighter in life’s battles—Anne finds strength and aspires to follow in her footsteps.

Keep smiling, for the sun is shining even above the darkest clouds

Contributing significantly to the tech landscape, Anne focuses on explaining and demystifying the capabilities of technology, particularly within the scientific metaverse. Her mission includes connecting the right people, fostering collaboration, and contributing to the advancement of the industry.

However, Anne’s journey hasn’t been without its share of challenges. External doubts and underestimation have tested her resilience, as have internal doubts and the persistent ‘What If’s’. Despite these hurdles, Anne’s advice to young women in STEM is: go out there, gather experience, seek advice, find mentors, and, if necessary, ‘fake’ it until you make it (to overcome imposter syndrome).

Beyond her professional pursuits, Anne finds joy in skiing, traveling, and cooking, embodying the essence of good times and positive vibes.

As an active member of the tech community, Anne follows Women in Technology (WIT) Switzerland on LinkedIn, demonstrating her commitment to the advancement and visibility of women in the field.

Her final words reflect her optimistic outlook: ‘Keep smiling, for the sun shines even above the darkest clouds’

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