Women in Tech Switzerland is proud to introduce the pioneering “Allyship in Tech” initiative, set to debut at the World Woman Davos Agenda on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum on January 18th 2024, hosted at the prestigious venue Hard Rock International.


The World Woman Davos Agenda, a collaborative and multistakeholder initiative, emerges as a transformative platform reshaping women’s roles globally. It serves as a unique forum to challenge and reshape the understanding of global responsibilities in the contemporary era, while emphasising the necessity for collaborative endeavours to achieve the #EqualityMoonshot.


Under the theme of reshaping global responsibilities and advancing the #EqualityMoonshot, the World Woman Davos Agenda, in partnership with Women in Tech Switzerland, dedicated to fostering empowerment, diversity, and innovation within the technology sector, proudly unveils the lineup of speakers for its upcoming “Allyship In Tech” session at the World Woman Davos Agenda 2024.


Scheduled for January 18th at 10 am at Hard Rock Hotel Davos, the session will deeply explore the significance of allyship in tech leadership and the indispensable role of gender diversity and inclusivity in STEM fields. This critical discussion will underscore the need for collective efforts among leaders of all genders to advocate for equality and address the underrepresentation of women in the tech industry. By cultivating an inclusive tech ecosystem and recognizing the profound impact of inclusive leadership on sustainable global development, we will unlock insights on how to (1) Challenge the status quo and reshape perspectives on allyship in leadership, (2) Equip individuals with practical strategies to foster a more equitable and diverse tech industry, and (3) Inspire everyone else to join the movement driving transformative change in tech.

Michelle Holmes, Managing Partner of Swiss-headquartered Hercules Coaching company and partner of Women In Tech Switzerland to develop and deliver the inaugural ‘Allyship in Tech’ initiative: “Allyship is an intentional set of behaviours and actions focused on not only supporting and empowering under-represented talent, but actively removing any barriers to their success. When we drive awareness and action around active allyship, we accelerate the path towards creating greater gender diversity and inclusion in STEM fields. When we then build communities of allyship cross-industry, just imagine the game changer that this becomes in achieving sustainable change and transformation. Personally, I’m delighted to be partnering with Women in Tech Switzerland to make this ambition a reality.”

Safia Agueni, Country Director Women in Tech Switzerland: “Across all industries, organisational transformations focus on ‘doing more with less,’ aiming for high-performance teams with diverse talent for superior results. Research shows that teams with greater diversity and psychological safety perform the best in tackling complex challenges. Technology, as a huge enabler of transformation, is still underrepresented by diverse, female talent. There’s a significant pool of female tech talent at all levels, but it remains untapped without direct involvement and sponsorship from key decision-makers. Imagine the potential of higher-performing teams if we sustainably created the needed support in tech.”  

Lucie Maillet St-Pierre, Advisory Board Member , Women in Tech Switzerland: “At our Davos Women in Tech Panel, we bring together a dynamic group of leaders from various stem fields – pharmaceutical innovation, cancer treatment research, environmental and social governance, technology leadership in Switzerland, and sustainable business education. This diverse panel will highlight the vital role of diversity and allyship in tech for a sustainable world. We stress the importance of new inclusive business practices and systemic thinking for innovation, adaptation, and addressing inequalities. Showcasing the impact of including women in leadership and decision-making, the panel will explore how this is essential in challenging the status quo. Our collaborative discussion across all genders aims to reveal the deep connection between inclusive leadership and sustainable global development, emphasising that this integration is not only ethically imperative but also crucial for a thriving future.”

Esteemed figures in the tech and sustainability sectors, including Dr. Marija Plodinec, CEO & Member of the Board of Directors at ARTIDIS AG; Dr. Sandy Chong, ESG Board Director of Cadoux & Chair of ASEAN Business Alliance, Australia;  Florian Schick, President Merck Switzerland; Natalia Olynec, Chief Sustainability Officer at IMD; Safia Agueni, Country Director of Women in Tech Switzerland; and Lucie Maillet St-Pierre, Advisory Board Member at Women in Tech Switzerland (Moderator), will serve as distinguished speakers at the session.

The World Woman Davos Agenda 2024 aims to convene esteemed global leaders from over 30 countries during the World Economic Forum Week in Davos. This gathering aims to foster discussions and initiatives that redefine gender parity, engaging 300 delegates in impactful dialogues.

The event will culminate in the prestigious World Woman Hero Awards and a VIP reception from 6:30pm onwards, celebrating outstanding achievements in advancing women and girls. Official Media Partners for the event include Forbes, Forbes Women, and Business Insider.

“Allyship in tech leadership is pivotal for creating an inclusive and equitable future in the technology sector,” emphasized Rupa Dash, CEO of the World Woman Foundation. “This session at the World Woman Davos Agenda underscores the urgent need for collaborative efforts and inclusive leadership to drive sustainable global development.”

World Woman Foundation is a US-based 501(c)(3) public charity with a global presence across 20 countries and a community of 15,000 members worldwide, envisions empowering 1 million women and girls globally by 2030. The foundation’s network of women leaders is committed to amplifying the impact of women and girls through long-term investments in skills, connections, capacity, and visibility.

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  • Sanaz Javadi

    As a lawyer and mentor in women & VP partnership organization of Women in international trade and tech it’s important to attend the event
    I highly appreciate the opportunity

  • Claudia G.B.

    It is crucial to only encourage but to create action plans which are effectively executed. Bringing value and innovation to the table within this sector from under recognized resource pool is a WIN waiting to be fully realized for the WINning interests of all involved.

    From: International entrepreneur, board member and mentor with engineering background

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