Letter to my Young self: Inspiring the young Woman in Tech

The Young Self,

A Young Lady in Tech.


5th December, 2023.


To my dear young self,

As you embark on your journey in the vast and exciting realm of technology, I want to share some insights and encouragement with the woman you are today. The path ahead is filled with challenges and triumphs, and every step you take contributes to the incredible story of your growth. So, here are a few words of guidance and affirmation for the journey ahead.

Embrace Your Uniqueness:

In a field often dominated by stereotypes, embrace your uniqueness. Your perspective, creativity, and approach are invaluable assets. Don’t conform to preconceived notions; instead, let your individuality shine through. The tech world needs your authentic voice, ideas, and insights.

Embrace Failure as a Stepping Stone:

You will encounter setbacks and failures; they are inevitable in any journey, especially one in the dynamic tech industry. Don’t let these moments define you; instead, see them as stepping stones toward growth. Every challenge you face is an opportunity to learn, adapt, and emerge stronger.

Build a Supportive Network:

Surround yourself with a supportive network of mentors, colleagues, and friends. Seek guidance from those who have walked similar paths and learn from their experiences. The tech community is vast, and building connections will not only enhance your professional growth but also provide a safety net during challenging times.

Never Stop Learning:

Technology is ever-evolving, and so should you be. Never stop learning. Whether it’s a new programming language, emerging technology, or a different facet of the industry, curiosity is your greatest ally. Continual learning not only keeps you relevant but also fuels your passion for the endless possibilities technology offers.

Speak Up and Own Your Achievements:

In meetings, discussions, and collaborative projects, speak up with confidence. Your ideas and contributions are valuable; don’t underestimate their impact. Similarly, when you achieve milestones, own your accomplishments. You’ve worked hard, and recognition is not just deserved; it’s earned.

Challenge Gender Biases:

Unfortunately, you may encounter gender biases. Instead of letting them discourage you, let them fuel your determination to challenge and overcome them. Advocate for gender equality, not just for yourself but for the generations of women who will follow. Your resilience contributes to a more inclusive tech industry.

Take Care of Your Well-being:

In the fast-paced world of tech, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle. Remember to prioritize your well-being. Take breaks, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and don’t hesitate to seek support when needed. Your mental and physical health are foundational to your success.

Be Fearlessly Ambitious:

Dream big, set ambitious goals, and pursue them fearlessly. Your ambitions are valid, and you have the capability to turn them into reality. Don’t shy away from opportunities that seem challenging; they are often the ones that lead to the most significant growth.

You Are a Pioneer:

In many ways, you are a pioneer. Your presence and contributions in the tech world open doors for others who share your aspirations. Recognize the significance of your journey, and carry the torch with pride, knowing that you are paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive future in technology.

As you navigate the exciting, sometimes daunting, world of tech, remember that each experience, whether a triumph or a challenge, is a crucial chapter in your story. You are capable, resilient, and destined for greatness. Embrace the journey, and know that the woman you are becoming is a force to be reckoned with in the world of technology.

With unwavering support and belief in you.


Your Future Self in Tech,


The Woman in Tech.

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